On October 9th 2017, Domaine Comte Peraldi celebrated the harvest during its “Fête des Vendanges”. It was the occasion to open and share a few bottles of older vintages of Cuvée du Cardinal, for an exceptional vertical tasting*.

Cuvée du Cardinal 2014

Currently available at the cellar and through our distributors, the 2014 vintage is still young but elegant, complex and very promising.
Tasting note:

Beautiful bright ruby red colour, with some ochre hues. The nose is intense and elegant, with more complexity developing with aeration in the glass. It is fruity (ripe red fruits, dried myrtle berries), spicy and delicately oaked (pepper, cinnamon, vanilla). The palate is ample, round and structure, with young yet smooth tannins. The finish is lifted by a touch of freshness and a lovely mineral expression. It combines elegance, juiciness and a round body, and will hold for many a year.

Cuvée du Cardinal 2007

A very fine vintage, with a mild winter and a moderately warm summer, without major heatwaves.
We taste this vintage exactly 10 years after it was harvested, demonstrating once again the tremendous ageing potential of Sciaccarello. Time has softened the tannins and exacerbated the elegance of the wine. The cuvée has gained complex aromas of leather, dried leaves, musk, peppery spices while still retaining some juicy red berry flavours.

Cuvée du Cardinal 2005

A long winter and a moderately warm summer: an overall colder year in Corsica. Sciaccarello ripened late, but benefited from a warm “indian summer” and reached full maturity, giving to the Cardinal its typicity.
A favourite of this tasting session, 12 year-old Cardinal is perfectly balanced and extremely elegant, combining tertiary aromas (spices, truffle…) and light fruity flavours (sour cherry, dried myrtle berries…).

Cuvée du Cardinal 1999

At 18 years of age, this Cardinal’s bottles are scarce, and delighted old wines amateurs: the bright fruit of its first years gave way to flavours of mushroom, wet leaves, spices and peppers. Time softened the tannins while the colour became paler.
* A “vertical” tasting of wine involves tasting the same cuvée over different vintages. It is customary to start with the youngest vintage before going back in time and finish with the oldest wine’s tasting.

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