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Delivery and returns

Delivery policy

​Deliveries available in mainland France only. Deliveries are not possible in Corsica.

In the event of defective goods, we are only required to replace these goods, to the exclusion of any other guarantee.

To be taken into consideration, complaints must be sent to us within one month of the delivery date, except for complaints due to defects arising from transport and handling. The products sold by the producer can only be guaranteed if they have been transported and stored under the conditions indicated by the producer.

Consequently, the producer declines all responsibility for any incident resulting from non-compliance with this requirement. In their interest, recipients are committed to checking the condition of the shipments at the time of delivery and in the event of damage, to maintaining their or our recourses against the carriers in the forms indicated by law.

As all goods are checked carefully before dispatch, we cannot accept any claims for breakage or removal en route if the reservations indicated above are not made in due time and in accordance with current legislation.

Exchange and Return Policy

​We do not refund or exchange any bottles shipped to mainland France (excluding Corsica).

For insurance reasons, please refuse all damaged or stained packages following broken bottles, do not open them and specify on the carrier's receipt:
“refused cardboard breaks bottles”.

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